About Me

Now also doing 2 handed ambidextrous caricatures!!! Check out my YouTube videos- keywords Joni Fleming Caricatures. New video available on YouTube of me drawing for CBS Sports on the nationally televised NFL Bengals Steelers game 12-18-16. Keywords “Caricatures by Joni Fleming on National t.v. I am an ISCA member (International Society of Caricature Artists) I love drawing and entertaining! I have been drawing professionally since drawing at King’s Island 1979-1984 while attending art school DAAP- U.C. As a young child, I studied and drew people around me whenever I was bored, waiting in line, or just out and about observing. I’ve been teaching k-12 art, doing studio work and drawing at parties/events ever since. I also have an a BFA in Art Ed, Fine Arts, MEd.

I’m able to do up to 20 individual caricature faces an hour when drawing in black and white. I can also draw “heads and bodies” with funny gags/backgrounds. Please allow extra time per drawing when requesting drawings with more than one person in them, shading, bodies, backgrounds & or color.
I can also do individual studio gift caricatures in almost any media including digital, pastels, watercolor, oils, acrylics & ink. Live, party & event caricatures are drawn with copic anime brush markers.

I’m looking forward to drawing for you! : )
Joni Fleming